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I am an accredited strengths development coach with the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) and provide strengths assessment, development and coaching for both individuals and teams, using the CAPP Strengths Profile. If you’d like more information read below or contact me 

What are strengths?

Strengths are defined as “our pre-existing patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviours that are authentic, energizing, and which lead to our best performance” (Centre for Applied Positive Psychology).

How do you know when you are using a strength?

You will usually be performing at a higher level, be extremely energised and you will tend to use your strengths more often.

What is a strengths based approach to development?

Based on research conducted by Alex Linley (2008) a strengths-based approach has four fundamental elements:

  1. A focus on what is right, rather than what is wrong.
  2. Every person in the world has strengths and deserves respect for their strengths.
  3. Our areas of greatest potential are in the areas of our greatest strengths.
  4. We succeed by fixing our weaknesses only when making the most of our strengths.

Using our strengths is the smallest thing we can do to make a big difference.

Why use strengths?

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