The program

Join a cutting edge 2-day leadership program with a difference, which prepares leaders for the future and tackles some of the biggest challenges facing leaders today.

The program maximizes individual and team potential, by providing a unique mix of personal development and practical tools that can be implemented immediately.

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Current leadership challenges

The key challenges that leaders consistently say they need support with to help them achieve exceptional results:

  1. How to lead effectively during complex and rapid periods of change.
  2. How to set, communicate and help their teams achieve their goals.
  3. How to be more productive, effective and focused.
  4. How to improve individual performance and tackle tough conversations.
  5. How to build an engaged and high performing team.
  6. How to lead effectively under pressure and manage stress.
  7. How to be a more confident and fearless leader.

The future of leadership

In the not too distant future three forces will mean that leaders will need to be more authentic, flexible, organised, focused and resilient and they’ll also need to be able to lead teams in a way that fosters trust, innovation, creativity and engagement.