For me being your best self is all about authenticity and the alignment of an individual’s purpose, values & strengths to their personal and professional goals. Defining your best self starts with understanding your Purpose and Values because you simply can’t be ‘your best self” unless you know what you do or don’t stand for. This represents not only your ‘true north’ but how you will behaviourally approach and tackle getting there. Being your best self is also about understanding and using your innate strengths in the right way to help you achieve your goals. Several studies show significant advantages when you play to your strengths, including higher levels of subjective well-being (i.e. happiness), improved confidence, increased resilience, higher levels of energy, greater chance of goal achievement, improved self-esteem and reduced stress, all of which are ways and means of helping you be the best version of yourself. Ultimately, knowing isn’t doing and there is no better way of being your best self than taking one small step every day towards bringing the authentic you into play. In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”, so what’s your next step to being a better you? Click on the link to see more ways to be your best self.