What are the early influences on the career development, career choice and career aspirations of children?

“In research, 36% of children from as young as seven said they based their career aspirations on people they know, while 45% said that TV, film, and radio were the biggest factors influencing their career choice” (Career Industry Council of Australia, 2021).

Research also suggests that career counsellors and parents significantly affect a child’s future career orientation (Suryadi et al., 2020). Career orientation is the driving force that guides or influences career choice and the level of proactivity towards it (Hirschi & Koen, 2021).

Two key things to consider:

  1. Be mindful of the significant influence TV, film, and other media content can have on your child’s career choice. These mediums can open or close doors and develop biases for or against specific careers.
  2. Start early (in primary school) and influence your child’s career orientation. Some great resources to start supportive conversations with younger children are at https://www.yourcareer.gov.au/resources/little-ripples.

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