The 5 Key Predictors Of Team Performance.

Now whether you are a leader or part of a team and usually you are both or should be both things at the same time, these five things are crucial and share some similarities with Googles research.

Firstly, Psychological Safety, which is about you and your team being able to discuss issues, frustrations, views, and ideas without fear of being ridiculed or there being repercussions for expressing them.

Second, Clarity & Accountability, which is about clearly defining individual and team objectives and ensuring there is individual accountability, not just to the leader, but importantly to the team for delivering them.

Third, Conscientiousness, which I talk about all the time as being a key personality trait tor for individuals and a cultural value for teams that expresses itself through individual commitment, effort, and conscientiousness in achieving team set goals.

Fourth, Meaningful Work, which is all about the work the team does having personal significance and congruence with the individual’s values, and if you can also get the team Values aligned to the work, even better!

Fifth, the work is Other Focused, this means that the individuals work benefits someone or something bigger than themselves

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