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The program allows a deeper insight into how management operate and lead. I would recommend this workshop to a colleague and my management team, this would help them be more self-aware and understand their own motivations and how they can become more effective leaders.
Good Job!
Anna, Leadership Development Program
Since starting with my one on one coaching with Simeon, the most noticeable result for me as been an increased level of insight into my strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to develop my work practice around those. Until I met Simeon, I found that I was very reactive, both in terms of my current work practice and my goals (both short term and longer term). Through Simeon’s insights, I have learned to be more reflective regarding my strengths/weaknesses, and to ensure that whatever I do with my work ‘plays to my strengths.
David - Barrister, Coaching Client
I found that my sessions with Simeon really challenged me, and got me thinking for days after we had met. I also found Simeon to be highly ’emotionally intelligent,’ and always extremely well prepared. I would absolutely recommend Simeon – he is clearly very passionate about his coaching, and I always felt very comfortable receiving guidance and inspiration from such a skilled, organised and thoughtful person.
David, Coaching Client
I would recommend Simeon’s coaching to anyone who is looking for an added advantage to become a better performer or leader at work. Simeon’s coaching has enabled me to understand and apply my personal strengths to achieve better results at work.
Simeon is open and honest and allows me the opportunity to tap into his extensive leadership and commercial experience. I have been drawing on his insights and advice, and use them as inspiration to achieve my own goals.
Eugene, Coaching Client