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Can you become happier, or is it just the way you are?

By | October 14th, 2016|Categories: Happiness and well-being, Well Being|

Well Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research suggests that 50% of the difference between people’s happiness levels is dependent on their DNA (or Set Point) and a further 10% comes from our day to day life circumstances. That [...]

Happiness and the secrets of flow

By | October 4th, 2016|Categories: Happiness and well-being|

On the subject of FLOW, "There are two main strategies we can adopt to improve the quality of life. The first is to try making external conditions match our goals. The second is to change [...]

“If it bleeds it leads”, why do we have such a thirst for negative news and journalism?

By | September 23rd, 2016|Categories: Negativity Bias|

Well in evolutionary terms our ancestor’s survival depended on how attuned they were to negative or bad events (potential or otherwise). Unfortunately, our primitive brains haven’t evolved much, we still have those same instincts pre-wired [...]

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