Mindfulness, is it a fad, ‘woo-woo’ thinking or a game changer?

Some see it as a fad or just the latest ‘woo-woo’ thinking, but there’s nothing ‘woo-woo” about strengthening your focus and more effectively leveraging your cognitive and emotional resources in the present moment on a [...]

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The advantages of being happy

Shawn's book The Happiness Advantage - The 7 Principles that Fuel Success and Performance at Work, is an absolute cracker of a read or just get a taster with his amusing and insightful Ted Talk. [...]

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A positive approach to performance discussions

The science (and common sense) suggests that regular coaching discussions are far more beneficial than some types of traditional performance discussions. When regular coaching sessions build trust, recognise achievement, build autonomy and help people grow, they [...]

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A story by the ABC’s Catalyst program on the science of Mindfulness

Whether you believe in the positive effects of meditation on your well being and physical health or not, this is worth a watch, it might just change your perspective. Thanks to my friends at Genos [...]

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A strengths based development approach for improving performance

People have been trying to fix me for my whole career, not because I was broken, but because traditional thinking was focused on finding weaknesses and then fixing them as the pathway to higher levels [...]

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Can you become happier, or is it just the way you are?

Well Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research suggests that 50% of the difference between people’s happiness levels is dependent on their DNA (or Set Point) and a further 10% comes from our day to day life circumstances. That [...]

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