Strengths and Weaknesses – why focusing on strengths is a leadership advantage

Strengths and weaknesses can work for you, but only if you focus on using and developing your strengths.

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In this video, I discuss the Leadership Challenges most often faced by leaders in 2018. In the coming weeks and months, I'll focus on tackling these challenges, by sharing practical tips and the latest research [...]

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Be A Better Leader

Here's my latest YouTube Video, where I cover the content and purpose of my new channel, which is ultimately about Being A Better Leader.  

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How to coach the basics

Read this article on how managers think they are good at coaching , check out these basics on how to coach if you want to make a start

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Coaching basics for leaders

As per my previous article on coaching were I explore the question “what is coaching?”, I use the general definition that “Coaching is a human development process that involves structured, focused interaction and the use [...]

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What is coaching?

Whether you are an expert or academic in the field or a professional coach, a simple and at the same time all-encompassing answer to the question 'What is coaching?' is difficult to come by, but [...]

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