About Simeon

Throughout his leadership career, Simeon has always known that the formula for success in any organisation, large or small, is intrinsically linked to maximising the potential of both the individual and team.

The increasing complexity of organisations, unprecedented levels of competitive pressure and a workforce with ever higher expectations are three forces shaping the way we lead now and in the future. These forces create a situation where a ‘one size fits all’ or traditional approach to the way people lead and how they are developed is no longer relevant.

With this in mind, Simeon founded BExceptional to help individuals and organisations face into this challenging future, by providing coaching, leadership development and consultancy services that are not only innovative and futureproof, but that have been designed using the latest studies from the fields of behavioural psychology and neuroscience.

Simeon’s Credentials

Simeon has three decades of leadership experience as a General Manager in Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations in some of the most recognised retail brands in the UK and Australia.

He is currently studying for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and has a BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing and a Diploma in Positive Psychology & Well-Being.

His other credentials include a Diploma in Mindfulness, Certificates in Neurobiology, Workplace Psychology and Neuroeconomics and accreditations as a Strengths Development and Emotional Intelligence Coach.