“If you can’t run walk, if you can’t walk crawl, but whatever you do, keep moving forward”  Dr.Martin Luther King.

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What differentiates Simeon from other coaches is his unique blend of practical leadership experience, coaching expertise and leadership development credentials. He uses this expertise and experience to not only step change individual and team performance but to apply it in a commercial context, with specific actions aimed at delivering tangible business benefits. My coaching assignments include a diverse mix of executives, leaders, business owners and organisations and my objective, put simply, is about helping you get from A to B, in a way that leverages your unique strengths and helps you be the very best you can be.


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Leadership Development

Increasing organisational complexity, unparalleled competitive pressure and the growing importance of people are forcing organisations to rethink how they lead now and in the future. Leaders will need to not only be more authentic, flexible, organised, focused and resilient, but they’ll also need to be able to lead in ways that foster trust, innovation, creativity and engagement in their teams. BExceptional provides tailored Leadership Development Programs that are specifically designed to help leaders and organisations prepare for the future and leverage current opportunities to improve personal and business performance.

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Retail Consultancy

A great strategy is one thing, but how well it gets executed at the touch point with the customer is a true indicator of future success or failure. For investors and shareholders to fully understand an organisations current and future performance, they need to be able to assess how well the strategy is being executed on the ground. BExceptional currently works with investors and shareholders helping them to assess current and future strategy, competitive positioning, key performance indicators, customer experience and in store execution. Whether it’s a short or long-term assignment BExceptional can provide unique insights into the operational reality of a retail business and its competition.

“When I coach or work on the development of an individual or team, my goal is to create sustainable change and improve performance not only for them, but for all stakeholders”

Simeon Boseley

Leadership Development


Two men at a Cafe with a Positive Psychology Coach meeting

Join a cutting edge 2-day leadership program with a difference, which prepares leaders for the future and tackles some of the biggest issues they face today. The program maximizes individual and team potential, by providing a unique mix of personal development and practical tools that can be implemented immediately. The program is facilitated by a leadership executive with decades of practical experience, a proven record of success and the credentials to support attendees achieving the very best outcomes.

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Two men at a Cafe with a Positive Psychology Coach meeting

In a study of over 19,000 employees from 34 organizations & across 7 countries, developing strengths was 62% more effective than just focusing on weaknesses. If you want to leverage your own powerful mix of strengths or that of your team, then this program is a great addition to your leadership development strategy. A science-based Strengths Profile is used to help you and your accredited strengths development coach assess how you currently apply your strengths and how you could use and develop them to achieve your goals and improve performance.

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Two men at a Cafe with a Positive Psychology Coach meeting

Leadership coaching is about helping leaders be at their very best and developing them in a way that improves their performance and helps them achieve their personal and professional objectives. But it’s not just that, in my mind, it should also be about the organization getting a return on their investment, whether that be in the form of increased retention, higher levels of engagement or improvements in KPI’s. That’s why it’s advantageous to have a coach with extensive leadership and commercial experience, that also understands the need for delivering real business benefits and tangible results.

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“…one cannot build on weaknesses. To achieve results, one has to use all the available strengths…. these strengths are the true opportunities.
To make strengths productive is the unique purpose of organisations”.

Peter Drucker

About Simeon

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Throughout his leadership career, Simeon has always known that the formula for success in any organisation, large or small, is intrinsically linked to maximising the potential of both the individual and team.

The increasing complexity of organisations, unprecedented levels of competitive pressure and a workforce with ever higher expectations are three forces shaping the way we lead now and in the future. These forces create a situation where a ‘one size fits all’ or traditional approach to the way people lead and how they are developed is no longer relevant.

With this in mind, Simeon founded BExceptional to help individuals and organisations face into this challenging future, by providing coaching, leadership development and consultancy services that are not only innovative and futureproof, but that have been designed using the latest studies from the fields of behavioural psychology and neuroscience.

Organisational Values

CHALLENGE: pushing boundaries, better everyday

INNOVATION: the latest science and methods

COMMUNICATION: open, direct, honest and fun

SERVICE: commitment to the customer

INTEGRITY: delivering on promises

Simeon’s Credentials

Simeon has three decades of leadership experience as a General Manager in Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations in some of the most recognised retail brands in the UK and Australia.

He is currently studying for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and has a BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing and a Diploma in Positive Psychology & Well-Being.

His other credentials include a Diploma in Mindfulness, Certificates in Neurobiology, Workplace Psychology and Neuroeconomics and accreditations as a Strengths Development and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Organisations I’ve Worked With

The evidence tells us that when we use our strengths we are happier, more confident, more engaged at work, have higher levels of self-esteem, energy, resilience, vitality and lower stress levels. In fact organisations that focus on strengths development perform significantly better than those who focus on weakness development”

Centre for Applied Positive Psychology

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